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Great news! We just received word that a new generator version is available and the old version will now be rendered obsolete. The new version (v1.30) includes stability fixes where some users, about 15% of them, experienced app crashes when trying to generate gems. This specifically happened when players tried adding more than 1,000,000 gems into their Clash of Clans accounts at one time. The guys who developed the generator said they’ve been trying to fix this issue for the past 2 weeks only to finally realize the hilariousness of the issue at hand.

The crashes happened because the generator app was designed (coded) to support certain numeric limits when adding gems with the generator. The digit limit was 6, meaning you could add 999999 gems but not 1,000,000 – 7 digits. Even though this bug was in the system, most players were still able to get away with it, but on some OSs, this resulted in a generator crash.

Needless to say, the limit has been lifted completely and you can now add as much gems as many digits you can input into the Gems field.

Gems delivery time shortened

Usually, players had to wait up to 15 to 20 minutes in order to get free gems in CoC after using the generator. This resulted into many users complaining that it didn’t work for them, when in actuality they weren’t patient enough, as everybody who used the generator, did receive the gems.

Anyways, the new update (v1.30) covers this as well. You can now able to receive gems, coins and elixir almost instantly. After you click Start, and the generator progress bar is filled up, you’ll receive a message if the gems have been added successfully. By the time you switch over to your smartphones and join in on the game, you should be able to see the gems added already.

In case you landed to this article first, and you are not sure where to download Clash of Clans hacks, please refer to our homepage.

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Clash of Clans Gems Generator /2015/10/02/clash-of-clans-gems-generator/ /2015/10/02/clash-of-clans-gems-generator/#respond Fri, 02 Oct 2015 15:16:17 +0000 Continue reading »]]> Learn How to Get free Gems in Clash of Clans

Lets get straight to the point and get one thing clear: Clash of Clans is absolutely the most awesome game on the entire App and GooglePlay store! This is the truth – and we’re sure most of you will agree with us! Clash of Clans has everything an app game should have! It has beautiful graphics, amazing user interface, it’s easy to navigate and the game is very complex BUT at the same time it’s easy to understand, and therefore its easy to learn how to enjoy playing this game.

No wonder it has millions of players, and more and joining every day! Actually, thousands of people are downloading it every single hour. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, we’re not surprised, you shouldn’t be either. The main features of this game written above explain it all. It’s not complicated to play, yet it’s very complex, and most importantly – it’s very addictive: fun to play.

Can we learn how to get free gems?

Get excited! Why? Because the answer to the question above is: YES!

How, you ask. We just finished developing our very first Clash of Clans gems generator! You’ll be able to find this generator below this post once it’s finished – we’ll update the download link and preview images here.

CoC generator features:

  • Get unlimited number of gems into your account;
  • Anti-ban protection included; no worries, thousands of people use it every day without any issues;
  • Use it every 12 hours to get millions of gems!

Are there any downsides?

  • Sometimes the generator will insert a random number of gems instead of your desired number! But this isn’t really an issue, as you can repeat the process as many times you’d like!

Ok, I’m hooked! How do I download your Clash of Clans Gems Generator? See below:

Use PC or Mac to run the generator. Close CoC app on phone when generating gems! 

But…Addiction isn’t good, or is it?

Well, there are two sides to the story here. Since CoC is very addictive, and fun to play, there must be a catch somewhere right!? There is. The more you play Clash of Clans the faster you’ll notice that to keep playing as much as you’d want – one thing is very necessary – cash. Yep, after you’ve played for a week and leveled up, you’ll notice that to keep up with the pace (and opposing Clans) – you need to throw some money at it in order to keep enjoying it as much.

Whether you spend money on gems, building units or defensive structures faster, you’ll notice that you need more each day. In other words, sadly – it really comes down to the fact that this game (like most) is based on the Pay 2 Win system.

Sure, you can play it for free forever, but you’ll find that without those extra resources like gems, the game becomes very boring and soon enough – you give up.

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