Procession leaves The Mayor’s office, City Hall, Tooley Street, SE1 at 12 pm – past London Bridge, down Borough High Street, left into Walworth Road and left again into Albany Road and Burgess Park at 3:00 pm.

Floats and dance rhythms inspired by the carnivals of Brazil , Bolivia , Colombia , Cuba , El Salvador , Mexico and Peru amongst others.

Carnaval del Pueblo (CDP) will be a 10 hour-long, exotic, FREE , family event welcoming babies through to grand parents! Dance, music and carnival activities will be enjoyed in a peaceful and stimulating Latin American cultural context. The carnival has a history of attracting world-class stars including the Grupo Niche, Oscar D’León , Willie Colón , Adalberto Santiago, Henry Fiol and Gilberto Santa Rosa – the salsa greats as well as Lizandro Mesa, Mauricio y Palodeagua .



Joe Arroyo

A world-renowned musician making one of his rare public performances on the international circuit. Joe has enormous

talent and charisma, and has been active as a singer, composer, and music arranger since the age of 14. He created his own musical style called ‘The Johnson’. His music is happy, danceable and above all completely Caribbean with a unique and instantly recognisable sound in his salsa, cumbia and porro numbers.






Swing Latino

This group is renowned throughout Latin America and the United States for ‘rescuing’ and performing the authentic salsa dance (a sensational dance form that wows audiences). They have won world championships in Los Angeles , Philadelphia and Puerto Rico, and were recently national dance champions in Colombia for three times in a row.











  • Diablada Boliviana:

Bolivian traditional dances with multicoloured costumes and large masks taking The Devil as their theme. The masks are on a giant scale and weigh up to 22 kg each. UNESCO has recognised diablada as part of the world’s cultural heritage.


a seventeen-piece band including four vocalists (three men and one woman) with extraordinary vocal skill. They are influenced by reggae, soul and ska with very up-tempo brass harmonies.

  • Revista Baile Latinoamericano: 

four experimental creative artists who dance choreographed tangos , pasodobles , milongas and fox trots with elegance and synchronised precision.

  • Latin Hip Hop:

this group skilfully blends their Latino musical roots with four of the hottest hip hop styles current in the UK : prohibido , café mezclado , la raza , and kid Africa .

  • Linea de fuego:

contemporary rock classics from Mana, Juanes, Santana, Green Midgets, interpreted in Spanish with passion and energy.

  • Ambaibo: 

A new approach to music with instruments from different periods and places: charango , electric bass guitar, a selection of Andean pipes, electric and acoustic guitar, chaskas , African jembe , and Andean bombo , and combining some amazing electronic effects.

  • Rosa Ward and Pena Felip Pinglo: 

a spectacular show with original dances, authentic costumes and traditional instruments from the coast, sierra, desert and jungles of Peru .

  • Los Norteños de Mexico:

a four-piece traditional North Mexican band who have played at numerous venues in London and around Europe , and appeared several times on British television.

  • DGR Family: 

a young, four-piece band which has already released its first album and a creative and original video, will perform their unique and highly fashionable reggaeton, hip hop and RNB numbers.

  • Se Busca: 

80’s style Latino punk rock band performing their songs with vigour and intensity, combining influences from Europe and Latin America .

  • The Latin American School:

the children and teenagers will perform a selection of traditional dances and songs from Mexico and Brazil , as well as Colombian cumbia , salsa and merengue.

  • Noixe: 

Latino heavy metal, strongly influenced by Metallica and AR Down music; they will be interpreting classic songs and original compositions.

  • Latin Ground Banda Show:

 a multi-cultural group which interprets Latino rhythms such as cumbia and salsa in a refreshing and highly danceable style – a delightful fusion of different nationalities.

  • Gui Taverés e Banda: 

Gui is a respected musician who has worked with artists such as Azymuth, Joyce and Jazzinho. The concert Amigos y Friends , which will be presented on the Brazilian stage, brings together high calibre musicians in an eclectic show of Brazilian popular music.

  • Coral Nossa Voz:

a choir focusing on singing the best of Brazilian music. The show is a chronological journey through the different eras of Brazilian music. A joyful and clever performance that both inspires and intrigues.

  • Grupo de danca Swing Brazil:

one of the most creative dance groups performing in London showing different aspects of popular Brazilian dance – from the ever-popular s amba to the energetic and cheerful axé .

  • Grupo Questão de Gosto: 

Specialising in pagode , one of the variants of samba , this group offers a true lesson in the roots of the dance.

  • The Dola Silva Band: 

Capoeira dance in a form that’s true to its origins, including children from The Latin American School with acoustic live and unplugged compositions – a mixture of samba, Brazilian pop and reggae.

  • Radio Revolucion:

 a seven-piece band formed two years ago in a squat in Camden Town . This multicultural group is well-known in Camden Town venues. Their lyrics are in Spanish, English and Basque and draw on social issues. Their music is modern reggae mixed with hip hop, R+B Funk, drum and bass and latin. Their instruments include native Colombian bag pipes, Basque txalaparpa and Australian didgeri doo.