Carnival Del Pueblo: Programme 2


Bateria da Mangueira: 

From the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro to the Carnaval del Pueblo in London,

the best known School of Samba of all times Mangueira sent twelve of its drummers

to represent its magnificence. Together with their Queen of the drums plus

Brazilian dancers, prepare for a powerful performance of unseen beauty.


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Cuban Ensemble: 

The best Cuban music and dance directed by Homero Gonzalez and

Reynaldo Crespo. Their vibrant colorful show is performed with its roots

in the rich tradition of Cuba bringing the excitement of Salsa, Son, Cha Cha Cha,

Mambo & much more.



The London stop of their 2008 world tour, promising to treat,

with the sensitive sounds of Bolivia, played from authentic instruments

from the mystical highlands of the Andes.


World Tango Champions:

A spectacular show from Diana Giraldo and Carlos Paredes,

winners of the World Tango Championships, Argentina 2007.

Needs no further introduction!


Quebradita Mexicana:

Coming to Carnaval del Pueblo from Mexico are champions of this

sensational acrobatic dance characterized by the sensual and exotic body

movements it incorporates. This presentation has been made possible by

the support of the Mexican Embassy and the Mexican Latin Youth Group.


Mini Carnaval De Oruro:

Arguably Latin America’s second most famous carnival

(UNESCO’s Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity)

and one of Bolivia’s hidden gems will be condensed into just one show

of the most amazing pageantry and colour; not to be missed.

Presented by ANATA, in collaboration with CdP.


Raices Tungurahua:

Bringing a taste of Ecuador to London for the day, this typical example

of fascinating Ecuadorian folklore is a delight, featuring 16 dancers and

6 musicians in authentic traditional costume.


Baila Peru:

A rare chance to view authentic dance from the heart of the
Peruvian Amazonian jungle, Tigres, the group will be wearing costumes
typical of this region.


Stephanie Santiago: 

Carnaval del Pueblo offers you the opportunity to discover this artistic

revelation in jazz music. Stephanie is of Anglo Colombian descent and is

guaranteed to leave yousinging for more.


The Chica Latina and Papa Yera

Afro-Colombian Show

Angelica Lopez, from Cartagena, brings her 8 piece explosion of

pure Colombian cumbia, chande, vallenato and mapale rhythms.

Chica Latina delights. Gaita, guacho, tambora instruments reveal

Colombia at its very, danceable, magical best.


Shakirita (5!):

21/4 million viewers on You Tube for her Britain’s Got Talent Performance! – now takes to the sky with her acrobatic hot salsa show Cali,

Colombia style, under the artistic direction of Ancizar Velasquez.


Raices de Peru:

Bringing the culture from Machu Picchu and Huancayo

to celebrate the worldwide year of the potato.


Catalina Bustos Luccardi

A 7 year old Chilean Multitalented girl, has been participating

in Britain’s got talent 2008 and has been invited to perform again 2009.

Will be delighting you once again at the main stage with her Mexican

and Latin Reggaeton songs. Looking forward to

performing for all of you.


Ruben H. & The Landing Sky

Fusion of the deepest Latin roots with

the most advanced independent music.



This is one of Europe’s best-known Andean bands.

It takes its name from the Quechua word meaning ‘revival’.

Quechua is the language of those who live in the

Andes and it is ‘Kausary’s’ aim to revive and develop the music

played by their ancestors. Formed in 1995, Kausary’s repertoire

includes both traditional Andean and contemporary Latin sound, encompassing styles typical of the Andean highlands,

coastal lowlands, Amazon basin and forest, as well as

Cuban and Latin dance rhythms.


Also, visit poem stage

By: Paulo Hernandez

“Cuentería en el carnaval del pueblo”


– No dogs allowed in the park during the event.
-There will be Bull riding, Bungee Run and giant Inflatables