Carneval Del Pueblo: Programme 1


Fusssion Muzik

Fusssion Muzik is the union of 3 of the most talented and talked about
rappers and producers from Puerto Rico. Danny Fornaris, LG and Audi
are what most people consider the future of Urban Latin music.
Fornaris, the producer and one of the vocals was the producer of Calle
13’s album, which won the Grammy Award 2006 for best Urban Latin. He
has created a unique sound that has him noticed by everyone in the
music industry. LG and Audi are 2 of the most exiting lyrical talents
and flow to come out of Puerto Rico in recent years. The combination
of these 3 it is just an amazing combination of musical tendencies in
an explosive show never seen before in the UK.

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Papo Record, urban London based Cuban Music Award winner,

is considered Cuba’s number 1 rapper – a very talented lyricist – 6 time

winner of Cuba’s top improvisation competition, making him our

king of Latino Rap. 



J-C, Event, JD and The Murder Mamis Show dancers
perform the best Anglo-Colombian rapping.



D-Kel, Flako, Short One and DJ Mendez have
collaborated in 2007 to bring the best in reggeaton.


CUBAN SOS (Mayombe/Stylo Prohibido)

Cuban SOS, produced by Stylo Prohibido’s Rolex and featuring Green Papi, Mayombe, is a unique collective of UK based Cuban reggaeton rappers,

enjoying a musical experiment that really shows what contemporary urban

Cuban rap is about.



Europe’s Reggaeton star performs his own compositions triumphantly,

with charisma and charm.



The 5 member Colombian DGR group is the
most established urban Latin act in the UK.


The 17 year-old Colombian rapper, living in London, has
already performed widely at Latin music venues.



Catalina Bustos Luccardi, super talented 6 year old Chilean ‘Niña Simpatia’

winner, with a passion for dancing, singing and reggeaton, will sing again

and win all the Latin Americans’ hearts with her own Latin Reggaeton.